Briefly about injector engines

June 11, 2021

Injection engines are characterized by the injection of fuel, they are gradually replacing the classic carburetor engines. If your car with an injector engine has been in a serious accident, then scrap your car toronto.

You will be surprised, but the history of such a device is already 100 years old! The authorship belongs to the Russians Stechkin and Mikulin, who in 1916 designed the injector engine. This device is relevant today – it is actively used in aircraft construction (in the production of the IL-14).

The displacement of the carburetor system is due to the fact that the injector system has a lot of advantages:

it improves the performance characteristics of the engine;
increases its power;
reduces fuel consumption;
decreases the toxicity of the exhaust;
increases the stability of the vehicle.
It is automatically controlled by an oxygen sensor to maintain environmental friendliness.

An important advantage is an injector’s ability to adjust the work program to the motor type and driving style of a car owner.

Computer diagnostics of the engine allows detecting defects in time.

Injector engine operation

The fuel mixture is created by injecting fuel into the air flow by injectors.

The following options are possible:

“mono-injection”, when the system is equipped with a single injector located in place of the carburetor;
“distributed injection”, when the injectors are next to the intake valves of the cylinders;
“direct injection” goes into the combustion chamber under the control of the machine’s onboard computer.
In addition to the “electronic” injection systems listed above, there are mechanical varieties. The dosage in this case is done with the help of a valve. But they are leaving the market, they are replaced by reliable electronic ones.

The disadvantages of injector engines include:

high price;
the cost of repair and the need to have special equipment for it;
increased requirements for fuel quality.

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