Causes of damage to car windows

August 16, 2021

Car windows are not cheap. Every motorist understands that. And the more problematic is the moment when the car’s glass is damaged. And such damages are not always caused by the wipers, there may be much more nuances. Also, every motorist knows how useful the service scrap yard near me.

Causes of chipping

Among the reasons that cause damage to car windows, you can distinguish two types: the reasons related to the operation of the car, as well as the reasons laid during the production or installation.

The first group includes causes that the glass received during the operation of the car. The cause of this damage can be small stones, branches, and hail. It also includes the consequences of using bad or toxic detergents, such as those containing ammonia.

The second type of cause is much more complicated. Often they can occur due to negligence at the factory or car service. If you changed the glass in your car, but after a short period of time you noticed that the glass is damaged or poorly installed, you may have purchased a substandard product.

Various chips and small cracks can be caused by improper gluing of the glass, and also, it may well indicate the fact that it was not made to a special mold for your car. Then there may be problems with its further installation.

Glass that is not airtight can cause drafts, as well as sand ingress, which can cause scratches and various marks, cracks. This can also indicate improper gluing of the glass and the use of poor quality glue.

Scratches on the windshield where the wipers are located can be caused by the poor quality of these wipers. Protect the glass from them may well be a transparent armor film or the use of high-quality “wipers”.

Possible problems and their elimination

Various cracks, scratches and streaks cause a lot of trouble to the driver. They look ugly and often interfere with the view, distract attention. Also, if the crack is big enough, it may cause the windshield to collapse. The vibration of the car itself may well accelerate the crack’s sprawl. That is why you should eliminate this defect as soon as possible.

You may be able to remove minor scratches by yourself, but it is not always possible for the average car enthusiast to fix a large crack or replace the glass completely, because attaching the auto glass is quite a responsible procedure. Therefore, it will be better to go to the car service center, where they will also establish the cause of what caused such trouble, if you are not clear why. It will be better if all defects are eliminated in time, otherwise you can spend much more money than expected and get unwanted damage.

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