July 8, 2021

Due to the fact that modern construction is developing at a tremendous pace, the demand for building materials and tools has also increased significantly. Rolled-metal products are becoming increasingly popular. The use of rebar is very diverse, it is used for the construction of residential buildings, and for the construction of industrial buildings. The materials for it come also from this company: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/scrapyard-toronto/.

Armature types

Reinforcement according to form:

1. Square. Has a length of sides from five to two hundred millimeters. Corners can be sharp or slightly blunted. More often used as a corner support of various reinforced concrete structures or as a fence.

2. Round

corrugated. The rebar may be differently corrugated. Reinforcement corrugation is needed to have a better bond with the concrete. Between the ribs, of which there are two, there is a spiral corrugation. Concrete and iron constructions are usually used corrugated products.

Also, reinforcement is divided into distributive, working and mounting. Clamps constitute a separate group.

Operating reinforcement takes the load from the weight of the structure and external factors. Distributive fittings help to keep the working fittings. Thanks to them, the weight is evenly distributed among all elements of the structure. Thanks to the mounting reinforcement, all the elements of the structure during concreting occupy exactly the position allotted to them.

Clamps are used to connect the reinforcement into a solid structure. They shall prevent the formation of cracks near the supports.

In addition, reinforcement is divided into wire and rod.
This division is based on what production technology is used.

In order to produce a wire reinforcement it is necessary to use hot-rolled steel (the diameter of the reinforcement turns out to be from six to eighty millimeters). The field of application of this reinforcement is quite wide.

Rolled steel is used for the production of wire reinforcement. The resulting reinforcement has a diameter of three to five millimeters. The production of wire mesh is the main area of application of wire reinforcement.
Despite the fact that the use of these types of fittings in different ways, they are produced in approximately equal amounts at the factories. And the volume of production of these types of fittings is very large, because it is in great demand in the construction.

If you want to calculate the cost of the armature, the calculations will need to be based on the cost of one ton of production.

Heat-treated reinforcement is also divided into several classes. Steel that is resistant to corrosion is used for the production of this rebar. This steel provides impeccable characteristics of the manufactured material.
Thanks to affordable price, excellent quality and high reliability, rebar, regardless of its type and production material, is very popular in our country! Millions of construction organizations give their preference to rebar, which confirms the indispensability of this material in carrying out construction work!

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