How do I remove a brake disc?

March 20, 2021

The condition of the brake disc is critical to safe driving. Even the highest quality parts wear out over time and lose their properties. That is why it is so important to know how to remove the brake disc and replace it with a new one. After all, this operation is quite possible to perform with their own hands, without resorting to the help of specialists. Beforehand, it is recommended to read the instructions or watch appropriate videos, you can consult with other motorists on the forum. In most cases, if we are talking about front discs, the removal of this part is relatively easy. But you need to stock up on the necessary tools. If you want to trade in your old car for a new one, it doesn’t make sense to do anything to the brake disc. Turn in your old car for recycling, get money for a new one, and keep our article just in case. By contacting this company, you won’t even have to go anywhere: https://scrap4cash.com.

How to understand that it’s time to change a brake disc

There are a number of factors that tell you that a brake disc needs to be replaced. The car owner should be alerted to symptoms such as:

Perceptible vibrations when the brake itself is depressed,
A rhythmic juddering of the pedal during braking,
The appearance of a metal squeak when turning the wheel.
However, the problems listed above may not occur only with disc wear, so it is better to apply to the service station to undergo diagnostics.

If the owner of a car is sure that the brake is the problem, he can make an additional check. At least, with the help of this method it will be possible to assess the condition of front disks, without removing a wheel. To do this, you need while driving on a level road at low speed, lightly press the pedal and for a couple of seconds turn the steering wheel alternately in both directions. If the rudder wobbles, it means the brake disks are quite worn, which is not surprising, as the front elements have the highest load.

But it will be difficult to check the state of rear disks independently due to the peculiarity of their construction. In this case, it is still better to contact a specialist.

The process of removing the brake disc

Replacement of this part is necessarily made in pairs. So the owner will have to replace both discs, even if one of them is in satisfactory condition. Most often, all four discs – both front and rear – are installed.

Before you start removing the disc set, you need to make sure that all the tools are available. This is a jack, a set of wrenches, a set of screwdrivers,

a wire, a hammer, and automotive chemicals in case the discs are stuck. It is not necessary to buy a special puller, the listed things should suffice.

Algorithm of actions is the following:

Raise the car with a jack and unscrew the nuts of the wheel, and then remove it.
The surface of the hub and the mechanism itself is cleaned from dirt, remove and oil stains – for this you can take an ordinary rag.
The brake cylinder piston should be squeezed, then disconnect the caliper and move it away, but the brake hoses themselves are not to remove.
In the next step, unclamp the brake pads and fix them in this position with a clamp, and the caliper secure wire.
Remove the brake disc.
In different cars – for example, VAZ or foreign cars, there may be its own characteristics associated with the design of the caliper frame (in some cases, this part will have to remove), but in general the order of operations will be as follows.

When the old disk will be removed, the place of its installation should be cleaned of dirt and rust. Only after that can the new disc be installed.

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