July 14, 2021

Despite the fact that a car is a technical vehicle, it, like a human being, requires careful maintenance and, most importantly, fresh air, not only fuel and lubricants. When operating a car, micro particles of dust or insects often enter, the filter, in turn, traps all contaminants and the air intake is clean and safe.

The first thing yo

u need to do is buy a new filter for your model car. An auto parts dealer will advise you on the right filter for your model. The price difference in filters is not significant, so it is better to buy a good and quality one. After that you can scrap my car in toronto.

You need to put the car in gear, put the handbrake on and turn off the engine.
Next, you need to open the hood and lock it with the lever.
Then you need to find the box that houses the air filter. It is often located on the surface of the engine. If you have difficulty finding it, look in the technical manual for your car. Keep in mind that if your car has been in service before, the engine may be hot.
On older domestic cars, the filter is under the round iron or plastic housing. It is easy to remove by unscrewing three or four bolts. On modern cars, the filter is hidden in a rectangular or square-shaped plastic housing, which is located away from the engine, and is secured with latches or staples.
Next, remove the filter cover, loosen the clamp that holds the air filter and remove it.
Take the air filter out, and compare it to the new one by its fasteners. If everything matches and the new filter fits perfectly in place, then lock it in place in reverse order.
Check that the filter and clamps are securely fastened. If everything is perfect and tight, then close the protective cap back on and secure with clamps or bolts (depending on the make of the car).
After you have driven 30-50 km, you need to check the filter for contamination. If there is dirt or a thick coating on the rim of the filter, check that it is firmly seated in the housing.
Replace the air filter every 12 months, or when your vehicle has driven more than forty thousand miles. Do not neglect these conditions, otherwise other malfunctions will follow in the future, and repairs will cost you much more than a simple and inexpensive replacement of the air filter.

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