How to connect the video recorder?

March 20, 2021

Video recorder is an important device. It is necessary in order to record the situation around the car, both at the parking lot and while driving. The DVR records video and sound (most models). The driver only has to figure out how to connect the recorder. Usually the device is already supplied with a mount that provides optimal operating conditions, but there are a number of nuances to keep in mind. For example, although many manufacturers recommend connecting the recorder to the cigarette lighter, it is not the best option in terms of fire safety. There is no point in having a DVR if your car is badly damaged. In this situation, the old car should be recycled: https://scrapcar.cash.

Installation of the recorder on a suction cup

This is the easiest way to install and connect. You do not need any additional tools, and the suction cup itself comes with the recorder. The main thing is to choose the right place for installation, so that the recorder does not block the driver’s view, and that it can be easily operated.

In general it is very easy to mount it on the suction cup. You just need to pre-clean and get rid of grease traces from the place of installation, wiping it with a rag moistened with alcohol. Then the suction cup will hold well. Usually this method of installation is chosen for small models of recorders, which are fixed behind the rearview mirror.

Mounting on a double-sided adhesive tape

The installation principle does not differ much from the suction cup. However, double-sided tape is considered a more practical option due to the fact that it has a higher thermal and moisture resistance.

There are models of recorders, which are fixed on the car’s dashboard – and most often on a double-sided adhesive tape. In this case, reduces the viewing angle for video surveillance, but it is easier to connect the power.

Built-in models

Such a recorder, already built into the rearview mirror, is installed at the service station. In such devices, a permanent connection to power is implemented. Usually only expensive models are produced in this version.

How to provide power without a cigarette lighter

Mounting is important, it provides a stable shooting quality of the camera, but a huge role is played by the power connection.

In the medium and budget category most often represented by models that already have a wire to connect to power, and this assumes that it will connect it through the cigarette lighter, but this is not very convenient, and fraught with a decrease in fire safety. Although theoretically it would be more rational to use other methods of connection and types of connectors. Usually such improvements are made by the motorists themselves, who understand electrical engineering. To twisted wire does not irritate and obscure the view, the wiring is hidden or laid from the cabin fuse box.

Connecting to the lighting plafond

The most convenient option when installing the recorder without a cigarette lighter is the connection to the lamp light. But this is not possible for every car model. Some simply do not have a permanent bus with a “plus” sign exactly on the plafond. But if it is there, it will be relatively easy to make the tap.

Ability to connect to the global network

There are models of recorders that are equipped with a GPRS module, so for them it is quite possible to make a connection to the Internet. Modern models can also connect via Wi-Fi, but in this case it is necessary to prescribe an appropriate mode of operation, set the router address and then follow the instructions. This is quite a complicated procedure, but the result is worth it.

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