How to “light” someone else’s car without ruining your own?

November 29, 2021

It is quite common for drivers to encounter a problem such as a dead battery, and the older the battery gets, the more often this problem occurs. Usually it is solved quite simply by asking the other driver to “light” the battery in his car. However, this procedure is only seemingly simple and quick, in fact, it hides several serious dangers. In contrast to the procedure scrap car removal brampton.

At whom to “light”?
It is worth remembering that there are completely different batteries on cars and trucks, the first for 12 volts, and the second for 24 volts. If you try to recharge a car from a truck, it can end very badly for the car’s electronics. So be careful who you “light up” with.

Connection procedure
The most important thing in “lighting” is not to mix up the polarity and observe the order of connecting the wires to the battery terminals. The car that donates electricity must have the engine turned off. Then, on a dead battery, we connect to the positive terminal, and then to the positive terminal on the donor.

Further, everything is the same, but with a negative terminal. Then we start the engine on the donor car and try to start the second car with a discharged battery. If the engine does not start from the first two or three attempts, then you need to take a break for a few minutes. In case of a successful start of the engine, the minus terminals are removed first from the batteries, first the donor machine is turned off.

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