Peculiarities of scrap metal processing

June 9, 2021

Metal is a material that does not lose its properties after remelting. That is why scrap metal must be recycled and is popular scrap removal in newmarket. End-of-life metal products are sent for recycling so that they can return to storefronts in a new form.

Iron, aluminum and other ores are exhaustible natural resources. Recycling already existing metal helps reduce their consumption and prevent a steady increase in scarcity, because it is becoming more and more difficult to extract the materials we need from the bowels of the Earth every year.

The procedure for recycling scrap metal is quite complicated. It includes several stages:

Collection of waste. This is done by black and color scrap collecting points. Private households and different organizations get rid of old crockery, pipes, cables, industrial structures, giving it all to the points and getting money for each kilogram of metal.
Sorting. At this stage black metal is separated from colored metal with special electromagnets. Then the scrap is sent for cleaning.
Control of the metal before melting. Before sending the scrap to the recycling plants, the correct sorting should be checked once again.
Remelting. Under the influence of high temperature in special furnaces, the old products are formed into blanks, from which later will be obtained construction materials, spare parts for cars and other objects. Russia sends the metal for recycling in other countries, from where it comes back in the form of various machinery and electronics.
Thus, scrap metal recycling is a great way to get rid of tens of millions of tons of waste, turning it into new, useful things for people.

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