Why are there red and yellow marks on the tires?

October 15, 2021

When purchasing new tires, car owners often noticed special marks on them, made in yellow and red paint. For many of us, it is simply not clear why tires have such different color marks, and this is what we will talk about in this article and scrap cars brampton.

Yellow marks on rubber
Small yellow dots are often applied to the tires, which show the lightest part of the tire. First of all, this is necessary for the correct balancing of tires, significantly simplifying in the future such work, and, consequently, the costs of the car owner for such a service. Most often, yellow dots are applied at the factory, and at some tire fitters, the craftsmen additionally mark tires in order to subsequently simplify their replacement and balancing.

Let’s sum up
On new tires, you will find various white, yellow or red markings. Knowing the decoding of such marks, you can somewhat simplify the operation of tires, reducing your costs for performing tire fitting work. For example, yellow dots on tires indicate the lightest part of the tire, red dots indicate the hardest and heaviest part of the rubber. You can also see white dots and solid lines on tires, but such markings are quite rare and only from certain manufacturers.

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