Why did the automatic gear change poorly?

October 4, 2021

Automatic transmissions and scrap cars for cash are most popular today, while mechanics are gradually becoming a thing of the past. At the same time, automatic transmissions have certain disadvantages, including their worse reliability compared to a simpler mechanical transmission. Quite often, various kinds of machine malfunctions are noted, the car owner needs to know the reasons for such breakdowns and how to repair the car.

Causes of the gear shifting problem
The reliability of automatic transmissions and the absence of serious malfunctions in them directly depends on the car owner’s adherence to the recommendations for operating the car. Such boxes do not like aggressive driving style; heavy loads and overheating of the box must be avoided. You should also refuse to tow the car on a cable, and on slippery surfaces you should not skid in place.

Also, the absence of critical breakdowns of the machine will depend, among other things, on the regularity and correctness of the service of such a box. It will be necessary to change the transmission oil without fail, which is performed on modern cars every 60-70 thousand mileage. Transmission malfunctions can also be caused by physical wear of the iron part, contamination of the valve body, as well as problems with the electronics.

Breakdowns of machines
All breakdowns of machines can be divided into three main categories: hydraulics, mechanics and electrical. The main causes of electrical malfunctions are problems with input sensors, failure of the electronic control unit of the machine, as well as problems with wiring and loop-connectors. Unfortunately, such repairs and diagnostics are of increased complexity, it is sometimes impossible to independently determine the malfunctions, so you need to contact specialized companies, where the masters, using the appropriate equipment, will carry out diagnostics and repairs.

If we talk about problems of a hydraulic nature, then they note the failure of the torque converter, wear of the oil pump, leaks in the oil seals, faulty friction clutches and contamination of the valve body. Usually, in the presence of such malfunctions, the box must be opened for diagnostics, after which the defective parts are replaced, including the valve of the pump, the bagel is opened and restored, the valve plate and solenoids are cleaned.

Failures of mechanics in a machine usually occur at high mileage. This is primarily wear on iron, including bearings, brake bands, drum clutches and sun gear. Usually, such breakdowns are accompanied by kicks of the car, and in case of serious malfunctions, it becomes simply impossible to turn on one or another gear. When the iron is worn out, the box is opened, with the use of special repair kits, such spare parts are changed, which allows you to completely restore the operation of the machine, significantly extending its service life.

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